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Company Bio

StoneMill Log Homes was founded in 1974 by John R. Sterchi, Jr. of Knoxville, TN and is still family-owned and operated today. Robert W. Cantrell, Jr. of Knoxville, TN. has served as President since 1994. Cantrell is joined by a Senior Management Team with almost 40 years of combined experience at StoneMill and in the log home industry. StoneMill has been a Charter Member of the Log Homes Council for over 30 years, and Robert Cantrell served as President of the Log Homes Council from 2007-2008.

StoneMill Log Homes still lives by the Old Smoky Mountain tradition of fine workmanship and quality materials. For over three decades, customer service has been one of our primary goals. Since 1974, our commitment to customer satisfaction has established StoneMill as a leader in the log home industry.


StoneMill offers a unique combination of specialized sales, construction, technical, and manufacturing professionals to assure customer satisfaction through the StoneMill Design-Build® process.


Senior Management Team Profiles


Sales & Marketing Department – The Sales Department is headed by Mathew Sterchi of Knoxville, TN. Mathew started with StoneMill in August of 1997 and is joined by an in-house sales team with 25 years of experience in the log home industry.


The sales department specializes in selling the materials and labor services offered by StoneMill Log Homes & Creekside Construction, respectively. They are knowledgeable about the materials and services offered, and also possess a strong understanding of how a StoneMill log home is constructed. This insight allows our sales team to offer technical assistance throughout the sales process. In addition, the sales department is “Zero Failure” Certified by Sashco Log Products to better educate customers on how the wood treatment and chinking products are properly applied to a StoneMill log home.


Technical Department – The Technical Department is headed by Remington Brown of Knoxville, TN. Remington started with StoneMill in May of 2004 and is joined by a specialized drafting team with over a decade of log home design experience. Remington and his staff utilize an advanced 3-D AutoCAD Design program which provides a higher level of detail than a typical blueprint.


Custom design services are part of the StoneMill package, and our team works with each customer to assure the final plan is designed to each individual’s needs. We offer energy compliance report and engineering services if applicable per local code requirements, and work closely with Creekside Construction to assure all design elements are considered prior to construction of the log package.


Project Management Department – The Project Management Department is headed by Clint Donnell of Knoxville, TN. Clint started with StoneMill in 2012 and has over 10 years of construction experience in the industry. As Project Manager of StoneMill Log & Timber Homes, Clint understands the importance of managing a client through the Design-Build process and he has successfully implemented a structure to make the process smoother and more enjoyable for our homeowners to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Creekside Construction, Inc. – Creekside Construction, Inc. is headed by Josh Berry of New Market, TN. Josh started with Creekside in September of 1998 and is joined by an experienced team of construction specialists focused on the accurate construction of a StoneMill log home package. Josh and his construction team have over 30 years of combined experience at Creekside and in the log home industry. In a business filled with “fly-by-night” contractors, Josh has built a team of specialized construction professionals. They offer the knowledge and expertise to accurately construct and dry-in a StoneMill log home package to assure the highest overall customer satisfaction.


The StoneMill Mission

The StoneMill Log Homes organization will attain the highest level of customer satisfaction through direct communication, a commitment to quality and a passion for service.


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