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Reading Room Category - Safety

Best Home Security Tips
By Whitney Richardson/

One-third of burglaries are classified as unlawful entries, in which no force was used to enter the home. All the security technologies on the market won’t protect your home if you forget to engage them. Download this article to learn more.

Revealed: Log Homes Survive Fires Better Than Stick Built Homes

With the tragedies that have affected so much of our country and the lives that have been lost, we want to respect the brave people who fight these fires and the people who have lost so much and at the same time provide you with information that will hopefully help keep your family safe.

Believe it or not, log homes are said to be even safer than a more-conventional stick frame home when it comes to withstanding natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes…and yes, even fires!

Fire Performance of Log Walls

Over the years, there have been many reports of fires that burned inside and outside of log buildings without destroying the building’s structural integrity, illustrating the fire resistive nature of solid wood walls.

How to Pick A Standby Power Generator System for Your New Log or Timber Frame Home
By The Log Home Council

A few years ago, people thought owning a Standby Power Generator System was not only unnecessary but ridiculous. With the storms and tragedies that have occurred in recent years this is no longer the thought process of many. Power outages have become a regular occurrence and people now are preparing for these occurrences by purchasing their own generator. Read this article and decide which would be the right type for you and your family.

Many log and timber frame homeowners (as well as others) have opted to obtain these systems as they generally live in remote areas with lots of trees and storm related problems such as high winds.

The Log Home Council has put together these tips to help you. Download this article to learn about:
  • Determining your Strategy
  • Essential Circuit Generators
  • Smart Circuit Generators
  • Whole House Generators