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Exotic Woods for Log Home Decks
By Robin Lamkin

There are some remarkable wood species from around the world that are great for deck building. Check out these species from Mexico and Central America, Brazil, Peru, Russia and Northeastern Canada and United States.

Log Corners -- Getting the Order Right- Fundamentals of Corners and Butts
Video By

Download this video to learn all about the correct order of corners and butts on a log home. These should alternate. The butt log is the larger one and the tip is the smaller. These weave together to form two walls. All handcrafted buildings have this pattern.

How to Build A Log Home Video
Video by Mitchell Dillman “The Online Carpenter”

Want to see how to build a log home? This video is presented to you by Mitchell Dillman, "The Online carpenter" and log furniture maker at Colorado Rock-n-Logs, Inc.

Watch as Mitch works together with longtime friend and colleague Gary Graffe of Rocky Mountain Home Builders to help stack the logs, just outside Florissant, Colorado.

How Do Builders Charge For Their Services
By Log Home Council – National Home Builders Association

Ever wonder how builders charge for their services? Do you know the differences between Fixed Bid, Cost Plus Materials (also known as time and materials) or Combination of the two. Download here to learn what you need to know about builders and their services.

You may not even know about all of these different styles.

Building Cost Per Square Foot
By Tom Ryan/

Asking a reputable builder, “So how much per square foot does it cost to build a custom log home?” is like asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Sure, Mr. Owl did it in three but the right answer for both lollipops and the cost of custom home building is, “It depends.”

Log Home Skills: Installing Electric Boxes
Video by Al Anderson- Montana School of Log Building

One of the most common questions asked about log homes is how the electrical boxes are installed. Al Anderson at the Montana School of Log Building demonstrates how-to install an electric outlet box into a log wall.

Roofing Advice | 15 Tips for Planning and Constructing Your Roof

Building a log or timber frame home gives you many, many roof options. "A roof’s design should blend in with the topography," says Ken Pieper, co-owner of Ken Pieper and Associates in Evergreen, Colorado, who has designed luxury mountain homes for more than 35 years. "If a roof is designed well, you should almost have to search to find your home within the landscape."