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18 people you may meet while getting your home built
By Jim Cooper

You’ve been bitten by the bug. It’s the top of the first inning. Your dining room table is spread with log-home sales literature, and everywhere are stacks of log-home magazines. Now the name of the game is turning your dream into a reality. But whom should you be talking to and when?

There’s more to log homes than the logs, however. What makes log homes truly special is the way the logs are shaped, fitted and assembled.

Choosing the Best Home
By Roland Sweet

It goes without saying that the appeal of log homes is the wood. Logs are beautiful, strong and durable. They’re also renewable. For these reasons alone, many people regard logs as the quintessential building material.

There’s more to log homes than the logs, however. What makes log homes truly special is the way the logs are shaped, fitted and assembled.

At the Water’s Edge
By Donna Peak/Log Cabin Homes magazine

Always dreamed of having a “waterfront home”? This article brings to light different types of waterfront homes along with all of the things to consider. Waterfront living means something different to everyone, just like everyone’s idea of a log home is different. But fortunately, living in a log home by the water is a natural fit that can bring you a lifetime of happiness—if you design it to fit your location as much as to your lifestyle. It’s not hard, it just takes some thought, and we’re here to help you ride the log home wave to success.

Log Home Chinking & Chinking For Log Homes
Video By Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc.

Tips on Log Home Chinking, Chinking For Log Homes and more. There is much to learn about when it comes to chinking a log home. The chinking now comes in various colors,

Chinking is a choice of how you want the final product to look. You can choose to chink or go chinkless. Chinking prevents air and water filtration, however, on a chinkless log home, the logs are cupped instead of chinked to also prevent the air and water filtration.

Home Flooring Options
By Lisa Fields/

This very informative article addresses all flooring options from vinyl, laminate, linoleum, cork, bamboo, coconut palm to carpet tiles. For each option it covers the basics, information about installation, maintenance to cost if each. This is a must read for anyone considering building a home or even just replacing existing flooring.

Log Home Industry Basics
By The Log Home Council – Annual Buyers Guide

The purchase of your log or timber frame home will likely be the largest investment you will make so take the time to really study this information that was put together by the Log Home Council to help you learn as much as you possibly can about the entire process.

From beginning to end, StoneMill Log & Timber Homes is here to help you. Part of that help is to provide you with the information to help you make the right decisions on your home. This article will provide information on choices of builder, dealers, manufacturers, types of log or timber choices, styles, manufactured or milled, construction, package contents and so much more.

Best Facade Forward
by Jim Kemp/

The face of your log home should make a great first impression as well as protect your family's log home from the elements. Download to learn about different elements and options for your log or timber home.

Fasteners For Log Homes
By Log Home Council/National Association of Home Builders

Many types of fasteners are used for log homes. Each log home producer chooses a fastening system based on traditional construction methods, formal structural engineering, on-site handling convenience, availability and cost. Download to learn more.

Creating-A Care Free Cabin
By Joyce Standridge/

When planning a second home, don’t let your second home become a chore. When the decision is made to have a second home, it’s reason to celebrate. It’s also an opportunity to try some ideas that work for a primary residence but in a second home can provide more free time.

Universal Design Is More Than One-Level Living
By Sharon Arkoff/

Whether you are designing your home for your retirement years, you have a family member in a wheelchair or you simply don’t like stairs, there’s a log or timber frame home design just for you.

They’re often called “universal” designs and they’re specifically for multi-generational families or those with mobility challenges. And, they’re doing it with elegance and attention to today’s home trends.

Floor Plan Basics

Your floor plan is the roadmap to your new home, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Get ready to start the engine with these tips.

Everyone knows your home’s floor plan should reflect the way you live. So how do you match the vague notion of lifestyle with a black-and-white blueprint? Easy. Chip away at that obscurity by outlining the specifics, such as how you live and who you live with day to day, what you want and don’t want and what you’re willing to live without. The answers will guide you down your own unique path and into a home that fits just right.

Size Matters: Choosing the Correct Square Footage
By: Charles Bevier/

In fact, experts in the log home design business say that the ultimate size of the home should start with a realistic and honest inventory of their lifestyle needs and habits.

What’s Cookin’ in Log Home Kitchens
By Ronda Mollica/

The kitchen seems to be the most important room in the house. This is where your family gathers for dinner and where entertaining friends and family begins.

Log-home kitchens demand unique attention because of their settings. How much wood do you want in the kitchen? If you want log walls, will you want "D" logs so the cabinets are easier to affix? Do you want hardwood, tile or laminate flooring? Do you want log rafters, and if so, what type of lighting will the room require? How do you envision the open layout between the kitchen, dining area and great room? What other log-home amenities, such as a fireplace and overhead loft, would you like to incorporate?

Once you set your budget for the home and figure out the money allocated for the kitchen, the real work can begin on establishing what the size, shape and look the kitchen will take.

The Basics of Buying & Building a Log Home, Part 1
By Laura Stapleton/Log Cabin Homes Magazine

You have been dreaming of this home for years. You have collected a binder full of ideas and sketches of what you envision your log home to include. And now you are looking for a building site. What should you be looking for when preparing to purchase property? Here are five important factors to consider when choosing your building site.

Chinking – A Lasting Connections
By Log Home Cabins Magazine

Want to know more information about Chinking? Mathew Sterchi of StoneMill Log & Timber Homes finds that people are attracted to chinking for one of two reasons. “One reason is for the look and feel of the style and, two, for its functionality.”