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Design & Engineering

As a StoneMill customer, you benefit from the extensive knowledge and skill of our in-house design team. Highlighted below are some more specific details and options available to you with our design service.


Benefits of StoneMill Design Service


  • Design Service Experience – Our specialized drafting team has over a decade of log home design experience. They work with the clients to assure the final plan is designed to each individual’s needs.

  • In house employees and control – Having our own design team creates a level of seamless transition from the start to end of a project. Our designers are only focused on StoneMill products.

  • 3D Cad Software – We pride ourselves on our commitment to the latest design technology. Our plans provide the greatest level of detail.

  • Relationship with Creekside – If you choose Creekside for your erection and dry-in service, you receive the added benefit of the design team working closely with Creekside Construction to assure all design elements are considered prior to and during the construction of the log package.

Cost of Design Services


Option A

  • Preliminary Drawings. A $2,000 deposit for 2,000 square feet or less or $1.25 per square foot for over 2,000 square feet, will begin the preliminary design of floor, foundation, and elevation plans. These will be suitable for submitting to a builder for a finished estimate and the bank for preliminary approval.

Option B

  • Full drafting plans. A full drafting deposit is $3,500 for 2,000 square feet or less or $1.75 per square foot for plans over 2,000 square feet. The full drafting deposit will provide a set of final plans to obtain finished bids and financing on a construction loan (if applicable). Note: If you have already purchased a preliminary drawing, the preliminary deposit will be deducted from the full drafting plan deposit.

Note:  All of these deposits will be deducted from the material costs of your StoneMill Log Home package. 

Option C

  • A 10% material commitment deposit.  You will get the same full drafting design and you will lock in your material and labor prices for 18 months and obtain any promotion that we are running at the time.  Most clients who have determined that we are building their home begin with Option C to lock in prices. 

Design Specifications


StoneMill Log Homes (SLH) will design plans to adhere to the minimum requirements prescribed in the 2000 International Residential Building Code. SLH timber roof systems are designed assuming 90 MPH Wind Load with a 3 second gust, 25 PSF Roof Snow Load, Seismic Zone 2 as defined by the code specified above. SLH Timber Floor systems are designed using 55 PSF total floor load.


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Engineering may be required by your local codes department in order to obtain permits, provide a design outside of our normal design specifications, or for other reasons. The customer is solely responsible for informing SLH of the need for engineering and to direct SLH as to the scope of work required. All fees associated with the engineering work are in addition to the drafting and/or material deposit.

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