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Log Home Construction

Since 1974, StoneMill log & Timber Homes has been providing its clients with log homes taht were the cornerstone of our American pioneer heritage. We offer a choice of 6" x 12" or *" x 12" Douglas Fir logs, whcih are shipped from the West Coast and British Columbia yo our plant. At the plant, these logs are dovetail notched, drilled, grooved for Styro-Seal insulation and finished to your specification.:(1) type of Log Profile and (2) type of Log Texture. With the log texture choice, many of our customers take advantage of this selection of finishes to request a combination of these two options in their StoneMill log home. You also have a choice of two type of profiles and textures StoneMill offers two unique series for log home construction:

(1) Our Settlers Series features
  • A traditional chinked log profile with 6” x 12” or 8” x 12” dovetail-cornered logs
  • Full lengths up to 40 feet without splicing
  • Three inches of nontoxic rigid E.P.S.
  • Additional 1/2” piece of EPS insulation after dry-in
  • Permanent flexible chinking bonded directly to the wood to maintain a constant seal between each course of log

Styro-Seal Insulation and Chinking 

StoneMill Log Homes was the first in the industry to introduce a special notch and seal insulation system into log structure designs. The Styro-Seal insulation helps prevent air infiltration between logs and chinking while increasing the energy efficiency of the log walls. Three inches of nontoxic rigid E.P.S. is inserted into this unique groove cut into the top and bottom of each log. After the drying-in period of your home, an additional 1/2” piece of EPS insulation is inserted into both sides of the Styro-Seal joint prior to application of permanent chinking. This creates an extra tight seal between the logs and provides a smooth surface in which to apply chinking. 


Permanent Flexible Chinking is the Finishing Touch Chinking is the material applied to both sides of the Styro-Seal to further bond and insulate between the logs. Many quality brand chinking materials, in a variety of colors, are available for today’s log home. Permanent flexible chinking bonds directly to the wood and maintains a constant seal between each course of log. It looks like old fashioned mortar, yet is flexible and follows the settling movement of the logs without cracking. It is permanently waterproof and suitable for all climates. When used with StoneMill provided wood treatment products, it carries a limited lifetime warranty.

(2) Our Expedition Series features
  • A more contemporary log on log system with 8” x 12”, dovetail-cornered logs
  • Full lengths up to 28 feet without splicing
  • Concealed engineered wood spline joinery
  • 3 layers of sealant guaranteed to keep the elements outside
Whether you choose the Settlers Series or the Expedition Series, StoneMill has the winning combination that sets us apart from anyone in our industry. The unique combination of top quality material and expert craftsmanship coupled with unparalleled service is what puts StoneMill ahead of the competition.

Our commitment to quality goes much deeper than the timber in your home. The process of building a log home can be overwhelming, and we are committed to helping you through the process. Working directly with clients and their builders, our Knoxville, Tennessee based team will be with you all the way. Our team includes sales, design, project management and construction experts with years of industry experience. No matter where your log home project may be, our Design-Build Team will be with you every step of the way!

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Walt and I are very happy and proud of our beautiful StoneMill log home. This project is the culmination of a lifelong dream to have a “log cabin” in the mountains. But the home is much more than that. It is not only beautiful but it is extremely well built and substantial. We love the hand-hewn square logs and the interior tongue and groove vaulted ceilings. StoneMill Log Homes personnel were very easy to work with, provided answers to our questions during the planning stage and provided a product that we are pleased with. Thank you very much for our beautiful log home.

Marilyn and Walt Harrison
Quemado Lake Estates, New Mexico