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Equipment & Delivery


One definition of simple is free from secondary complications”.
We take that approach to the delivery of the StoneMill log home system. Delivery is among the most overlooked areas for potential problems on a log home project. To avoid any ‘secondary complications’ we use our in-house transportation service, Log Home Logistics. Having the transportation service in-house allows us to better manage the shipments and ensure on-time, safe, and accurate delivery of your log structure.


Log homes are delivered on tractor-trailer rigs. StoneMill's delivery prices assume that a tractor-trailer rig can deliver the materials to your foundation. If the delivery vehicles cannot access your jobsite, additional charges may accrue.

The goal of Log Home Logistics’ (LHL) delivery service is to provide tractor-trailer delivery as priced by StoneMill. Creekside's jobsite inspection program allows for the identification of the best equipment to access your jobsite. LHL’s vehicles are better suited for delivery into tough jobsites because of the investment in the correct vehicles to reach remote locations. If your jobsite is inaccessible by tractor-trailer, LHL has additional equipment to address these issues.


Reliable Drivers

LHL has experienced drivers who are skilled at accessing difficult jobsites. One of our many satisfied customers; Gloria Morris of Petersburg, IL, took the time to let us know how impressed she was with our “amazing truck driver (who had) no trouble negotiating our fresh gravel…turned his big rig around in our driveway, in less of a turning radius than I would need for our pick-up truck and stock trailer.”


Inaccessible Job Sites

There are two options if your jobsite is inaccessible by tractor-trailer.

  1. You can arrange to have the vehicles offloaded and delivered to your jobsite prior to our crew arrival.
  2. StoneMill will price additional labor and delivery services needed to deliver the materials to your foundation on smaller vehicles.


The Right Equipment

Due to the massive size of the timber used in the StoneMill log kit, a crane or all terrain forklift must be used to erect the structure. Creekside has the equipment to safely and efficiently construct your log home anywhere in the United States.



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