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Building Your Home FAQ's

The following list is a set of guidelines StoneMill uses in its log home business. These have been posted in answer to many common questions we receive. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Preliminary Considerations

Do we need to carry insurance while our home is being built?
Yes. In most cases banks will not approve a construction loan until you agree to carry builders risk insurance.

Does StoneMill Log Homes provide us with a General Contractor?
No. StoneMill does not provide you with a general contractor. You will interview and select a general contractor locally or act as your own general contractor. StoneMill has contractor references via our customer database that can be supplied upon request.

Site Preparation

What types of foundation can I build on?
You can build any of our homes on a slab, crawl space, or basement foundation.

Can I build on a concrete block wall?
Yes, block will be reinforced per code and foundation wall height.

Who builds the Chimney?
Your general contractor.

Considerations for Windows

Does StoneMill allow for settlement in its window openings?
Yes. We use a slotted buck system to allow the logs to settle. A 2-inch settlement space will be allowed in log wall openings.

Considerations for Interior Construction

How do you run overhead lighting in the exposed ceiling beams?
Before your general contractor lays the flooring down, your electrician needs to route a channel in the top of the beam and drill a hole through the beam to where the fixture is going to reside.

How is heating and air run through the house?
The ductwork is run through the crawl space or basement, through stud frame walls, under the stairs, and/or in framed mechanical chases designed into the plan. Steps should be taken as you are planning your home to accommodate for your heat and air system. Please consult with your HVAC contractor during the design process.

Can we use the 2x6 decking, on the second floor ceiling beams, as the finished floor? 
It is not recommended as the material is intended for use as the structural “subfloor” for the second floor finished flooring material.

Still have questions?   We are here to help.  Please contact StoneMill today at 1-800-438-8274 to speak with one of our log home experts.


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