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Maintenance & Restoration

The following list is a set of guidelines StoneMill uses in its log home business. These have been posted in answer to many common questions we receive. If you have any further questions please contact us.

When do we stain our log home?

If the weather is cooperative, the stain or sealer can be applied right after the logs are erected, dried in, and cleaned.

Can we use an oil based stain or sealer on our log home?

No. The petroleum products in oil based stains and sealers will affect the performance of the chinking in the joints between the logs.

How often do we have to re-stain our log home?

StoneMill suggests re-staining or resealing within the guidelines of the product manufacturer. Clear coats are typically re-applied every two to four years; but will vary with the solar orientation of the home, the shade available and the number of covered porches on the home.

How often do we need to re-chink our home?

If the chinking is installed correctly, it is warranted for the life of the home. Please refer to the product warranty for more detailed information.


Still have questions? We are here to help. Please contact StoneMill today to speak with one of our log home experts.


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Log homes are strong, sturdy, and beautiful, but, like all homes, they are also vulnerable. Constantly under attack from the elements, pests, and other threats, these homes require regular cleaning with products that address those intrusions and preserve the beauty of the logs. Selecting the appropriate cleaner is the first step in the right direction, according to Barbara Murray, president of CTA Products Group in Southaven, Mississippi, who points out that the cleaning needn’t always be invasive, but it does need to happen on a regular schedule (preferably on an annual basis).