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History & Focus

Experience Matters

Unlike many log home manufacturers, StoneMill cares about the
as well as the construction of your new home. With each manufacturer using different techniques to construct their homes, every log system presents a unique construction challenge. Usually, manufacturers provide a list of possible builders to erect their product. StoneMill, however, has always been interested in assuring their customers obtain the construction services they need to install their log home materials correctly.

In October of 1998, StoneMill began working closely with Creekside Construction to provide the construction services needed by StoneMill customers. Creekside employees, with over 30 years of combined experience,are trained and experienced in erecting and drying in StoneMill log homes. By working closely together toward a common goal, Creekside
and StoneMill take on-site construction service to a new level.


Focus is the key to quality home construction. Building exclusively dovetail-corner, rectangular style log homes; Creekside crews have the necessary equipment and experience to provide the quality services to complement StoneMill log packages. Maintaining these crews allows Creekside to offer quality construction at a competitive price; a great value to StoneMill Log Homes customers.


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Room-by-Room Rundown
By in Log Home Design

Ever get home from the grocery store only realize that you forgot the milk? To avoid overlooking the staples, refer to this handy chart when planning your home. Determine which spaces you definitely need now and those that would simply be nice to have. Make copies of this worksheet for all family members and see where you agree or disagree.